One Week – Electric Guitar, Bass Assembly Course

Upcoming Classes (1 week)
May 14-18, 2018
Cost:  – $1,450 Plus Materials ($750-$1,000 avg. guitar kit and tools cost)


Assemble A Fender Style Guitar

This is a non-accredited, one-week electric kit guitar assembly course. It consists of 28 hours of instruction including lectures, discussions and hands on assembly of your own electric kit guitar or bass. This course was created for the guitar enthusiast or luthier in training who wants first hand experience in assembling an electric guitar or bass.

Hands on:

You will assemble your own Fender Style Stratocaster ®, Telecaster ® or Precision Bass guitar. The instrument will be assembled from parts and materials licensed by Fender Musical Instrument Corporation. Students will have option of using an unfinished or finished body, (note: A limited selection of finish options are available.) pick guard selection and neck with maple or rosewood fret board. You will learn the geometry, mechanics, basic electronics, setup and troubleshooting your very own electric guitar.


 Lectures and discussions:

During the assembly process lectures and discussions will be held on the more in-depth portions of Luthiery such as body and neck construction, fretting, pickup winding, finishing and more.


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The course is taught by master luthier and custom guitar, bass maker Robert Mazzullo. Robert graduated from Roberto-Venn School of Lutheiry in 1994 and continued on as an instructor at the Roberto-Venn School until 2006 all along maintaining and growing his own custom guitar making business, Mudd Guitars in Tempe, Arizona





Added Value:

In addition to the course curriculum taught students will have an opportunity to tour the Roberto-Venn School of Lutheiry, the longest running guitar making school in North America, with over 2000 graduates. You’ll be able to enjoy the sights, sounds and the mild climate of the Sonoran Desert. In addition to the knowledge learned, each student will leave with a completed Fender style Strat, Tele or P Bass along with the basic tools used during the assembly course.