The Art of Inlay with Larry Robinson

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Students will receive lecture, demonstration and hands-on training n the art of inlay. This will be an opportunity to design, cut and install inlay for a pre-slotted ebony fretboard, an ebony head cap, or another inlay project you select.. Each student’s design will be evaluated to determine if it can be reasonably completed during the two-day workshop. If the design requires more than two days to complete students will also have the option of completing the project on their own.


Students are encouraged to submit designs or rough drafts for their inlay project or they may select from design ideas provided by the instructor. Inlay materials will be designated prior to the start of the inlay workshop, and will include mother of pearl and abalone.


Inlay Tool Kit Required:

Jewelers saw, saw blades (dozen #4 or 3/0 Swiss blades), needle files, X-Acto knife, tweezers, flat jaw pliers, dremel tool with base, super glue (cyanoacrylate),  sanding block, work board (optional), optivizors with 2x lens (optional). Note: Contact us for any tools you do not have, we can supply.


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1625776_123902586672_3518131_nLarry Robinson has been cutting inlays since 1975, and is recognized in the music industry as one of the top artists in his field. Aside from decorating guitars and other musical instruments with beautifully designed and executed shell, metal and wood (and whatever other materials cross his path), his work over the years has also graced boxes, wall hangings, mantel ornaments, jewelry, humidors and other more esoteric artwork.