Evan Nichols of Roberto Venn

Evan Nichols graduated from the Fall 2013 class. After completing Roberto-Venn’s 3 year workshop assistant program, he has recently been made a full-on instructor. Evan has built some amazing basses and guitars for several clients. He has also been doing repairs for local performing musicians as well as being an accomplished bass player himself.


On a personal note, Evan is a meticulous builder, one to keep an eye on for sure. His initial instruments were great and his latest work is on par with many of the notable luthiers that have come through Roberto-Venn. He always has orders for new builds, and he’s quickly making a name for himself. His wood choices and designs are purposeful, all in service of the instrument and the player at hand. His work is elegant, but these guitars and basses are definitely crafted with a player’s mentality. Obviously I’m a fan, but there is proof backing this admiration… He gets rave reviews from his clients, and many are repeat customers.


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