Just A Glimpse: Capturing Guitar Making & Repair

This post is a follow-up to the APRIL 17, 2017 post entitled “STUDENT IMPRESSIONS & GUITAR MAKING DEMONSTRATIONS


I’ve recently established Roberto-Venn’s first collection of demonstration videos, 102 and counting, over 21 hours of educational content available in our private student library for reference and independent study. I’ve also made 50+ public videos on Roberto-Venn’s Youtube Channel.


As stated in the original post – “You can watch guitar-making on video or online and learn a few things, but nothing compares to being there in the moment, asking questions that might take you into unexpected areas”. This is why instructor led training is the preferred method. These videos were created as a reference tool, and like our text book, they are available to help prepare and assist our students during their time at the school.


The video below is a 90 second promo on the oldest guitar-making school in North America. Since June 2016, I’ve made over 150 videos for the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery. It’s nothing fancy, but the process is consistent and true to its form… I capture, edit and post these videos using my iPhone 6s, iMovie, and my 2013 Macbook Pro. My workflow is simple and efficient, and though I enjoy hovering over the instructors with a mono-pod (selfie-stick), eventually we’ll up the production value for featured pieces… I still believe that in a busy shop/school setting, quick-draw and candid, gets the job done and shows the viewer “a day in the life”.


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