Our Pickup Winding Class is open to the public. Students will receive lecture, demonstration and hands-on experience on the design and construction of custom pickups. Students will complete a minimum of one single coil and one humbucker pickup, which they will keep. During the hands on portion students will receive comments and insights from Jason Lollar, noted pickup making expert from the Seattle area.

This is a fun and educational experience. You get to learn from one of the best guitar pickup makers in the world, and he happens to be a Roberto-Venn graduate. Locals and folks from far and wide come to Roberto-Venn for this and many of our classes. Join us, and see why we’ve be doing this for over 40 years.

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John "Juano" Lippi

“Musician and producer Juano Lippi was born with some wizardry inside: Divinity meets the Devil.” – Phil Ramone – The Huffington Post

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